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Its no secret that Covid has caused many of us to make drastic changes in our lives. For over the past year, Mama's have had to carry the extra weight of the pandemic as we care for our families, often neglecting ourselves.

Activate Your Evolution, wants to celebrate Mamas throughout the Kansas City area. 

Activate Your Evolution has partnered with several Kansas  City black woman owned business to gift Mothers Day  Baskets.  The baskets will contain ten personal items  to remind  Moms that they are loved and appreciated.

Nominate your mama, sisters, friends, neighbors and any Mama who deserves some special love!  Each mama only needs one entry! Entries accepted until Wednesday, April 28. 2021 11:59

 Fill out the info form below; 10 mamas will be chosen at random (2 baskets will be given to Foster mamas). Mama's will be notified by  April 30, to schedule delivery.

Thanks for submitting!